Y1 GK-F5

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New for 2022/23 - The best looking GK stick ever made. Designed in collaboration with GB number 1 Ollie Payne.

The conversation went as follows:

Y1 : Hey Ollie, we are loving what you’re doing. We think we have something special for you to test.

Ollie: Love the idea. But I need something light for me to manoeuvre while the ball is close to my pads but also retain the strength to stop people like Hendrickx when drag flicking.

Y1: Don’t worry - we’ve got this. Don’t tell Alex, though.


Ollie: Love it! The perfect stick for me. Can’t wait to use it in matches.


  • Composition: 60% Japanese Toray Carbon & 40% Aramid/Fibreglass/Kevlar
  • Balance point: 41+-
  • Weight: 515 grams

Y1 Technologies

  • GK Balanced Blade
  • Y1 GHook head for increased surface area
  • Bristled High Control Area on head (HCA)