Prosport Academy

Overview: The Prosport Academy is a dedicated program designed to nurture and develop young hockey players between the ages of 6 to 16. *Training programs are also offered to players over the age of 16*

We provide a comprehensive platform for players to enhance their physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills in the sport of hockey.


Aim: The primary objective of the Prosport Academy is to foster the holistic development of young hockey players. This includes honing their physical fitness, improving technical skills such as stickhandling, shooting, and passing, refining tactical knowledge and decision-making on the field of play, as well as enhancing their mental resilience and teamwork.

Training Schedule: Training sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The location for these sessions is the St James Barracks, providing a dedicated and safe environment for hockey training.

Opportunity for Club and School Participation: Prosport Academy recognizes the importance of maintaining a connection between young players and their clubs or schools. Players enrolled in the academy are encouraged to continue representing their respective clubs or schools in competitions. The academy complements, rather than replaces, existing hockey commitments.

Term Fees: The term fees for enrollment in the Prosport Academy are set at:

1 session a week - TTD $700.00.
2 sessions a week - TTD $1000.00

These fees covers the costs of coaching, facilities, and equipment needed during training sessions.

Registration and Payment: To register for the academy, interested players or their parents/guardians can use the provided online registration link. Payment of the term fees can be made either in person at Prosport Caribbean's physical store or through a secure online payment link for convenience.

Registration form

Registration payment

The Prosport Academy aims to provide a structured and supportive environment where young hockey enthusiasts can grow and flourish in the sport, all while maintaining their broader involvement in the hockey community.