GM Neon Geo Helmet Navy - Senior

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  • Conforms to latest version of the British Standard (BS EN: 7928 – 2013)
  1. Designed to prevent ball penetration between the peak and grille
  2. Designed to prevent the grille impacting the face
  3. Shell design actively dissipates impact force
  • Geodesic grille design
  1. Geodesic designs are mathematically proven to be ultra-strong – featured in all bars of the Geo grille
  2. Grille design ensures optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions
  3. Innovative grille-shell integration system
  • Designed to improve impact resistance
  • Lightweight construction provides great balance and vision
  • Dual density EVA foam lining caters for impact protection and comfort
  • Targeted Thermoregulation and moisture management
  1. Specifically engineered internal channels to maximise airflow around the head and between the channels to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable
  2. Low profile strategically positioned vents
  3. Active sweat wicking and ventilation system
  • Padded ear protection
  • Compatible with GM Neck Protect for extended protection
  • Sleek Grille To Shell Integration
  • Traditionally Styled, Technically Advanced - Serious Helmet For The Serious Cricketer
  • Choice of colours: Navy, Green, Maroon