Babolat Nadal Junior 21"

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Be like Rafa?! We developed the Nadal Junior range for your beginner who dreams of following in Rafa’s footsteps. Inspired by the iconic racquet of their idol, the Nadal Junior range is available in 19’’, 21’’, 23’’, 25’’, and 26’’ lengths. The Nadal Junior 21 is recommended for juniors whose height is between 105-120 cm (41.5-47 in.).



You might have stopped tennis as a kid because you found it too hard. Not anymore. Today, your child can benefit from the latest materials and innovations that are specifically designed for young players. Made out of aluminium, our Nadal Junior racquets are lightweight and feature large headsizes, making tennis easier and more fun to learn.


With its full aluminium construction, we made a Nadal Junior range great for beginners to generate the power and maneuvrability they need to successfully hit their first tennis balls.