adidas Tango Rosario Football

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adidas Tango Rosario Football

The innovative design of Tango ball was first seen in 1978. A ball made of 20 panels allowed an even better representation of the circle and spherical form. Since then, adidas has been resuming it annually.

This model is a classic that still enjoys great interest.

A high-quality training ball combined with exceptional durability make it an excellent product. A ball with a classic color and proven graphics.



  • Hand sewn, polyester / wool / polyurethane construction
  • Panels with a traditional cubic shape
  • Working pressure: 0.6 - 0.8 bar / 8.7-11.6 psi
  • Butyl bladder
  • The ball has FIFA Quality Inspected approval
  • Injection molded


  • Polyester / wool / polyurethane construction
  • Polyurethane - 100%

FIFA QUALITY Inspected - Balls are marked " FIFA Inspected " if they successfully pass six tests (circumference, roundness of the ball, reflection, weight, water absorption, pressure drop).