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Prosport Caribbean is dedicated to providing high quality sporting equipment to athletes throughout Trinidad and Tobago, whether at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. We have now expanded our reach throughout the Caribbean Region in sports such as Field Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Squash, Rugby, Running and Football. We are ready to provide athletes throughout the Caribbean with the best equipment thanks to our strategic partnerships with world class brands, Adidas (Hockey, Cricket, Running, Football etc), Babolat (Tennis), Brabo (Hockey), Payntr (Cricket, Golf) and World Class Willow (Cricket).

Our Management Team




Rob Wyatt is the founder and Director of PROSPORT Caribbean.


With both Trinidadian and English Nationalities, Rob spent his early years in Trinidad & Tobago and Florida, before moving to Dorset in England, where he attended Clayesmore School, a school which had a heavy focus on Sports. It was at Clayesmore where Rob fell in love with all sports and excelled at Hockey, Cricket and Rugby. However, as Rob says, “it was Hockey that started as a passion and then developed into something of an obsession..!” At Clayesmore, Rob Captained all the Age Groups at school, U14 / U16 / U18, he represented his County at U14 / U16 / U18 and also had Regional Representation  for the West of England U16 / U18.

Rob studied Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary’s University, London and played hockey for 3 years for the Combined Universities of London, captaining this team in his final year. Rob says that the friendships and the fun that he had with the London Universities team was some of the best ever….and “one of the reasons that he loves team sports so much, as it can create unique and lifelong friendships”. 

Working in the Construction Industry in London for over 10 years, Rob, Zoe and his two children Emily and Adam decided to return to Trinidad. Rob is a member of the Queens Park Cricket Club, and continues to play hockey for the club. Rob identified early upon arrival in Trinidad that there was no outlet for juniors and seniors to purchase serious sports equipment, which is where PROSPORT was founded. Through very humble beginnings and through a great partnership with Brabo Hockey in Holland, Rob started to import high quality hockey equipment to players of all ages and levels at great prices. Rob jokes that “the travelling salesman role is no longer sustainable and it is time to bring an even better service to the people of Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean. So, now

we are online…! Browse, shop, buy and have your order delivered. What could be simpler..!” However Rob advises that this whole new venture would not have been possible without the strategic partnerships that have been formed with World Class Brands such as Adidas, Babolat and Brabo. Our available products through these Sporting Giants allow us to provide a number of amazing products which complement a number of sports from Footwear, apparel, bags and accessories. The idea behind PROSPORT is to provide high quality specialist sports equipment for all ages and playing standards, at a price point that makes shopping overseas less attractive. Rob states that at PROSPORT, “We want to be your local one-stop shop for specialist sports equipment. We will definitely be branching out into other sports in due course, but for the time-being we want to stay focussed on maintaining high levels of service. We aren’t perfect yet, and we know that, but we are striving for perfection. Ultimately we are approachable, knowledgeable, passionate about sports and willing to listen and learn. The core value of this business is that our management team are Sports people. We may not be tennis players or squash players, but we have played and been involved in sports for our whole life. So we understand the needs of sportsmen and women and we recognise the marginal gains that can be achieved through using high quality sports equipment. The brands that we represent now and in the future will always be synonymous with our values of class leading equipment that is stylish and fun…!”





Darren has been linked to PROSPORT for a number of years, as one of our sponsored international players. Having formally joined PROSPORT Management in May 2019, Darren is responsible for the Sales and Operations side of the business. He’s a hockey player, but a sports fan in general and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the business.

For those involved in Hockey in T&T, Darren does not need any introduction. He was the captain of T&T’s Senior Mens Hockey Team from 2011-2017. His list of career honours, awards and accolades is nothing short of impressive. A product of Queens Royal College, Darren has played his club hockey for Carib, Notre Dame and is currently playing for Queens Park. Darren made his debut for the Senior National Team as a Form 6 student, aged just 18. Since then, he has gone on to win 125 caps, competing in 3 Pan American Games, 3 Commonwealth Games (Australia, India and Scotland), Silver Medallist in 2014 CAC Games (Mexico), Winners of 2014 FIH World League Round 1 (Jamaica), not to mention a host of domestic titles, MVP and Player of The Year Awards. Darren also spent some time studying at London Met University, winning the prestigious BUSA Hockey Championships in 2004. When he’s not playing and being a husband to Maria and a Dad to Alaayah and Arya, Darren is a Level Two Hockey Coach and coaches Queens Park Juniors and Seniors, St. Mary's College. Darren was also part of the coaching set up for the T&T Men's Indoor Team that were victorious in the Pan Am Championships in Guyana 2017, and took the team to the Indoor World Cup in Berlin 2018.

When he get’s a chance to play, Darren uses the new Brabo X-3 Textreme 90% Carbon Fibre – Extreme Low Bow - X Light - 36.5" Stick, and the X-1 Textreme 100% Carbon Fibre – Low Bow Indoor Stick. Available from PROSPORT.


Sponsored Players

As part of our ongoing commitment to sport we have sponsored a number of talented sportsmen and women.

Click the link above to learn more about them.