World Class Willow - ORCA - Reserve Edition (Pre-Order)

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World Class Willow - ORCA

The only bat to score 9/10 in The Cricketer Good Gear Guide 2020 for performance and nicknamed Tiger Woods... The Ball stays hit!!

The Orca is probably the biggest cricket bat on the market! 

We've taken the best bits from all our profiles and combined them all to create the imposing Orca!

We aim to maximise edge height and spine height depending on the weight chosen.

The Orca has a half inch shorter blade and a half inch long handle allowing for superior pickup and Maximum performance.  

combine looks, feel and ultimately all out performance... WCW gives you The Orca.

  • A unique bat-making process and handling design for extreme performance.
  • Modern, imposing with tailored full profiling.
  • Enhanced pick-up, balance and feel.
  • Substantial edges, continuous spine, 8 piece cane handle, square toe.
  • Conforms to ICC bat laws.... Just!