World Class Willow - ORCA - Players Edition

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World Class Willow - ORCA

The ORCA profile is our most popular shape, and widely regarded as an incredibly versatile profile. The full profile means a very large bat can be produced, but also at a weight that appeals to the average player. Larger edges and a thicker toe allow the bat to pick up incredibly well but also helps to instill more confidence into the player. The Players grade willow provides beautiful willow, and incredible performance at a more affordable price point.


  • Standard 22inch blade
  • Full Profile and large edges
  • Great balance and pick up

A full profile and larger edges make the bat appear a lot bigger but allows greater performance. Balance and pickup is achieved through our careful design process and we believe that a bat will always pick up a couple of ounces lighter than it is on the scales.

Please note, pictures do not always represent the finished bats