Brabo Elite X-1 Hybrid Drag Flick Edition

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The Brabo Elite X-1 hybrid hockey stick is the choice of various top players. The 100% Prepreg carbon construction in combination with a hybrid of the exclusive Dyneema® Carbon and the ultra-light TeXtreme carbon ensures an optimal mix between POWER, FEEL and WEIGHT. Dyneema® Carbon has a shock-absorbing effect that reduces vibrations. The exclusive TeXtreme carbon fibers, which is also used in the high-tech Formula 1 industry, are extremely light and extremely strong. This unique combination provides the ultimate hockey stick. In addition, the Elite series is equipped with the new Wave Torsion Box Technology. This exclusive technology ensures optimum rigidity by installing a wave construction in the shaft. With off-center hits, the wave construction takes corrective action in order to get more power from your hits. The EVA Cordgrip provides extra cushioning and comfort.

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