Babolat Jet Mach III Junior - Hot Pink

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Agility and Extreme Speed.
The reengineered Jet Mach 3 is packed with the latest technology. Every detail is designed to increase player confidence and speed on court.
JET MACH 3 is the ultimate weapon for anyone
searching for more precision and agility.

Matryx-Evo Technology

The jacquard-woven Matryx® upper fabric combines the
existing "Stability arch" system and high-strength Aramid
and Polyamid fibers with a new, adapted yarn diameter and
zero monofilaments for more elasticity/flexibility and comfort.
Matryx® EVO technology is designed for optimal balance
between comfort, support and durability.


The KPRSX system now provides optimal cushioning at each
stage of the game. A softer, shock-absorbing EVA foam
pad offers perfect heel protection for any support. The heel
rocker enhances foot motion for better stopping/recovery
transition. The result? Unrivalled cushioning.

Michelin & Active Flexion

The reengineered sole is more responsive to game
demands. The outsole surface and thickness has been
increased at pressure points for less abrasion and
reduced at low impact points. The JET MACH 3 sole
is still manufactured with Michelin Premium DIN20
technology for more durability and less wear and tear
from specific tennis movements.